What do you really want to know? 

Families grow exponentially every generation we go back and 

sometimes the amount of research and number of questions are

overwhelming for the hobbyist. Some lines are easier to find

information on than others. Some require digging deeper into

records that do not reflect the records we see today. A 

professional can help you decide what should take priority

and ​what lines may be easier to trace than others.

Deeds were not always recorded. Birth and death registers are

absent on the county and state level. The availability of records

often depends on the time and place. Sorting through unlikely

sources such as  road crew lists (which consisted of the

neighbors); newspaper advertisements announcing that a stray

animal had been found; post office letter lists, and appearances

as witnesses to neighbor's legal documents created at home 

help solve kinship problems.

What a professional must look at to solve  the case is often

an unknown variable. That does not mean it cannot be done.

That unknown variable is the best reason to have a ​contract. 

A sample contract is provided here.