If your genealogical questions remain unanswered, we have the resources and skills to extend your family knowledge.

Our capabilities include:

  •  Tracing ancestral lines by correctly identifying family relationships.
  • Solving complex genealogical problems where no direct evidence connects generations.
  • Solving "the names the same" situations.
  • Writing and editing biographical sketches and family histories.
  • Locating ancestral property and homesteads on topographical and ​aerial maps.
  • Incorporating the use of DNA to complement research.
  • "Jumping the pond" when the ancestral trail leads to Britain.
  • Direct access to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. 
  • Access to a network of professionals throughout the U.S.

​​Our ancestors were on the move. Correctly connecting generations involves the use of cluster genealogy also referred to as the "FAN Club," a term coined by Elizabeth Shown Mills CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA. Up until the mid-twentieth century, individuals did not normally move from place to place without a community of friends, associates, and neighbors (FANs). Knowledge of little-known records, migration patterns, contemporary laws, and the micro-history of an area helps distinguish people with the same name and determine the origin of subjects.

​Rarely are there true genealogical brickwalls—instead there is

misunderstood information and untapped sources.

Ancestral Analysis specializes in solving problems of kinship and the

discovery of biographical details.

Ancestral Analysis became a partnership in 2015 when professional genealogists, Rondina P. Muncy of Dallas/Fort Worth and Christy E. Fillerup of Salt Lake City, brought their combined 16 years of experience together. The team has merged their skill-sets to help others—both professionals and hobbyists—with solutions to their research problems.